About Us

Arizona Telecommunication Limited is a provider of voice, data, and network services to telecommunications service providers and enterprise clients with a need for high-throughput, low latency optical and wireless solutions

Arizona Telecommunication Limited is world's largest global network we can help your business establish a presence in emerging markets with networking solutions including Ethernet and global VPN to meet enterprise requirements. Our cloud enablement platform and gave a high performance infrastructure. Arizona Telecommunication Limited is proud to be a leading force in this marketplace and has an unparalleled reputation amongst our peers.

Systems Integration Telecommunication

Powerful strategy, super voice and network services.

Enterprise Businesses like Voice Data Centers

We focus on hitting your objectives; doing it do meet your deadlines and budgets.

Digital Marketing

Local or International work from a single project to on-going campaigns. For all sizes of businesses.

Our Standards

Arizona Telecommuniction Limited is a provider of voice, data, and network services to telecommunications service providers. Traditional telecom market in India has evolved a great deal along with the capability to tap the mood of the industry and a comprehensive suite of products, Arizona Telecommuniction Limited continues to meet the forever-changing technology and services requirements of our increasingly connected world.

  • Logical and simple planning of our solutions,
  • Affordable and flexible financial model to suit our customers.
  • Focus on continually enhancing the usability experience given that the simplicity of technology is a must.


In a short span of time since its inception Arizona Telecommuniction Limited has been able to gain a tremendous customer reach and with many years of history to technical process and leadership in telecom industry we endeavour to reach further milestones of growth and expansion with exceeding the expectations of our customers. There had been tremendous growth in telecom industry and growth is continuing.

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